Not dreaming of a white Christmas

DSCF0889The snow has officially arrived at Thrupp accompanied by two of our grandchildren who arrived  just as it started to fall heavily on Friday. Our son was able to borrow a kind friend’s 4×4 and they spent the night with us before celebrating an ‘Early Christmas’ by opening presents on our bed as we won’t see them on Christmas Day. They headed back to Gloucestershire Saturday afternoon and arrived back safely after some delay on the A40 and helping a Polish lorry driver by towing him up a hill!!!

DSCF0891I had a dentist appointment midday Friday and made my way to Bloxham Dental Practice through the beginnings of the snow which slowed the traffic to 20mph. I arrived in time to have three teeth extracted and a plate fitted to replace them.
Now I know I’m old, false teeth and a dentist who’s nearly young enough to be my grand-daughter!

DSCF0892Today is a ‘recovery day’ and we thought we were having a disgustingly long lie-in until I got up and found the clock was 2 hours fast :0(

… I blame the grandkids!


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