Cooking Squirrel & other country recipes

DSCF0862Our Morsø Squirrel stove has been a godsend during these chilly days, so good that we haven’t needed to supplement it with our gas central heating, even in sub-zero temperatures.

We can keep a kettle hot on the top and have even managed to cook stews and casseroles on top of it once we’ve got them up to temperature on the gas stove.

Last night, however, a conversation in the Boat Inn led to further experiments today. Drs Bones & Saffin were masterfully (or perhaps ‘mistress-fully ’… there again, perhaps not) expounding the results of their experimental cake cooking in aluminium containers inside the firebox whilst Fi (of nb Epiphany) gave us the benefit of her experience with methods of Squirrel cooking including jacket potatoes, double wrapped in foil and laid on top of the coals. (glowing, grey on top with just a little flame) 

So needless to say we had to give it a try today. For lunch it was a Greek theme; Roast Feta cheese with onion, tomato, peppers & olives all wrapped in foil parcels and cooked in the (fairly clean) ashpan for 15-20 minutes, accompanied with courgette slices in a beer batter with a yogurt and mint dip… Yummy!

Tonight’s tea was the remains of yesterday’s beef cobbler, topped with puff pastry and made into pies (cooked them in the gas oven) and you guessed it Jacket Potatoes á la Fi… Delicious!

… and for supper… Roast Chestnuts, again cooked in a foil tray  in the ashpan beneath the fire, another success even if it did take us ten minutes to realise that the explosion which occurred during X-Factor had signalled that the chestnuts were ready, Doh!

We are now rounding the evening off by testing the Sloe Gin which we made a few months ago… Hic!

Aren’t we getting properly self-sufficient? 
I always did like The Good Life or maybe that was just because of Felicity Kendall? I’ll leave you to guess.


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