Still iced in at Thrupp

I’ve just worked out that we’ll have been here at Thrupp for four weeks tomorrow which is just a bit ironic since we’ve paid for a winter mooring at Heyford!

DSCF0855We managed to get down through the ice broken by the mad Scotsmen as far as the sanitary station for a pump out but found the water taps frozen up. Mike, the Thrupp Canal Cruising Club warden said he would put a heater in  the toilet overnight and we would be able to fill up the next day, so we backed up to the 48 hour moorings near the pub and there we were, stuck, as it froze over again that night.

Last weekend it was just a bit warmer and nb Lucky did some icebreaking and we followed in their wake the next day and managed to fill up with water. Hooray, a rest from carrying containers back from the tap, but not for long as we are frozen in again.

DSCF0862This morning there had been some thaw it was deceptive as the ice was still there under the surface water. But not to worry we’re keeping cosy with our Squirrel stove working well, supplies of coal on board and a couple of kind friends from church are keeping us supplied with stocks of wood.

Not only that but the pub is close at hand, the neighbours are friendly and we even get invited out for mince pies and mulled wine thanks to nb Epiphany 😀


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