Fireworks, Friends & Thrupp

On Saturday we had a visit from our long-time friends John & Lis Palmer who joined us at lunch time and spent a pleasant afternoon showing them round the neighbouring villages before going to Lower Heyford firework display. The display was just a short walk down the canal and was very well organised with barbecue & beer/mulled wine tents, not to mention the huge bonfire and the spectacular firework display.
It’s nice to live in a village which has a good community and we met up with people we have got to know through work, church and pub!

John and Lis stayed the night and in the morning, despite an discouraging forecast, the weather was good enough to set off on a cruise down to Thrupp, on the way our guests were subjected to a brief course in boat-handing which they said they enjoyed (even if we couldn’t find a box for Lis to stand on Smile with tongue out)





We had bacon butties en-route, stopped at the Rock of Gibraltar for a lunchtime drink and the sun finally appeared and gave us a lovely autumn afternoon. We had our evening meal when we arrived and the evening quickly passed talking about past times with Chris and John (both were R. A. Lister apprentices) swapping tall tales from work and school times. All too soon they had to return home as they had work the next day which was a shame as they would have been a great team-mates for the pub quiz at The Boat Inn later that evening and might have helped us to not to lose!

Monday’s forecast was dire but Joy invoked the ‘Rain before 7 –Clear before 11’ rule and we made our way back to Heyford only getting slightly damp, although reversing to Thrupp lift bridge was made interesting by the gusty wind conditions.

This afternoon we have Tom Keeling coming to complete our Boat Safety Inspection after Chris carried out the required modifications to fuel lines and some other minor items.
STOP PRESS: Hoorah! We passed!


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