Moored up in Banbury before the streets are aired!

DSCF0416 Our mooring last night was, of necessity, just on the outskirts of Banbury because there were just so many boats on Castle Quays in town. Just after we stopped a coal boat went past towing another trad in need or some restoration. After a night disturbed by noise from the neighbouring factory we were awake early and saw nb Cream Cracker go past, who we knew had had a mooring in town, so Joy went out on a recce and soon phoned to say there was indeed a space so off I went and bagged it!

DSCF0414 Rewind to yesterday… It was a longish day with 12 locks to get to Banbury. Down through Claydon locks, lunch stop at Cropredy with stew & dumplings cooking all day in the slow cooker. Around Cropredy we saw what seemed to be BW’s entire fleet of workboats putting in new pilings, 2 in one place and no less than 5 in another.

The weather held again until 7pm as forecast! Also as forecast was strong wind gusting up to 40mph which made for some ‘interesting’ entries into the locks at times but Joy did very well.

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