Anyone for Tennis? Err I mean Rugby

Yesterday we said goodbye to our friends Carol & Ted at Newbold, their daughter & grandchildren came to pick them up and we took them down the towpath and through the tunnel to see the pretty lights.

After saying goodbye to them we just motored down to Rugby Visitor Moorings and moored up there. In the afternoon we made use of our bus passes and caught the No 4 down to Rugby town centre to do some shopping. On our return we found that Tesco was just down the footpath so we had to go there too.

We decided to stay the night as it was quite pleasant there (the moorings, not Tescos) next to a small park and picnic area, we spent a quiet night and in the morning visited Tesco again and treated myself to breakfast 😀

I had trouble connecting to the internet this morning and discovered that my PAYG mobile broadband had run out and it took me about two hours to get it connected again, so I decided that I would sign up for a monthly contact. You would imagine that a quick phone call should sort this out, but Oh dear me no! “We can’t do that sir, you must sign up for a new contract and we will send you a new dongle & SIM card”  and could I get my £15 I had just paid refunded? Could I ‘eck as like!

Oh for goodness sake :(  I’d better bite the bullet and go to the O2 Shop in town and buy one there, at least I won’t have to wait for it to be delivered. So off we went again courtesy of the bus passes and eventually I managed to get one after endless trouble with registering our address and bank details, you wouldn’t believe we are existing O2 customers!

On our return we treated ourselves to a meal at the Bell & Barge (Harvester) adjacent to the canal, not bad food and a good ‘help-your-self’ salad cart but alas no real ale.

About 3pm we decided we better move off as we were on a 24 hour mooring AND the rain had stopped. We reached Hillmorton Locks and of course the heavens opened just as we were going through!!! The locks here are in pairs which was meant speed up the traffic, however we did meet another crew who came from Gloucestershire and lived about 4 doors away from one of our friends in Charfield!

We had to travel a bit further through the drizzle before we could find somewhere suitable to stop for the night as this part of the canal is edged with sloping stone slabs which as we discovered at Newbold made for a noisy night as the bottom of the boat bumped against them! So here we are near Barby (That’s Barby not Barbie) Wood just far enough away from the M45 in one direction & HMP Onley in the other!!!


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