Sutton Wharf to Sutton Stop

DSCF0345 We left the 48hr moorings at Sutton Wharf this morning and cruised back down to the start of the Ashby Canal at Marston Junction. We had a straightforward journey, stopping for diesel at The Ashby Boat Co. at Stoke Golding Wharf and admired their mobile pump-out truck based on a Reliant Ant pick-up.

The later part of our journey was rather slow as we got behind a hire boat who were letting their children steer, no problem with that but a backward glace to see who they were holding up was a long time coming before we were waved past.

Ted was moved to write a poem inspired by his canal journey so here it is:

Walking to Heaven

Along the towpath of life

With Jesus by my side

To show me the way

Through the locks of life’s experience

Showing the depths of his love

Reflection of canal waters

The glory of his grace

Bridges to cross

He holds my hand

Junctions to turn

He guides the way

Around the dangers of weirs

He’ll never disappear

Winding holes will bring no fear

With Jesus’ hand on the tiller of my life

I’ll be in heaven when the time is right

We reached Marston Junction and turned left onto the Coventry Canal, and after about 3 miles along there we reached Hawkesbury Junction where the junction involves 2 90° turns into Sutton Stop Lock which we managed in one 😀 DSCF0362(OK just a 20 second burst of the bowthruster)

We found a mooring immediately and settled down with a meal of meatballs, potatoes and runner beans with a pepper sauce, better than Ikea!!!


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