Bosworth Battlefield

After the return of the wandering moggie we decided to stay put for the night, but yesterday morning we moved the few yards back to Bosworth Battlefield Moorings, and waited for the arrival of more visitors, Carol & Ted our long-time friends from Dursley who sold their house there within days of us doing likewise and have moved to this area, near to their daughter & family. DSCF0329 They soon arrived and took us out for the day having & picnic & walk at Staunton Harold Reservoir followed by a visit to their new home and an evening meal there. We had a look around the Coalville area and ending our evening with late night shopping at Tesco before being chauffeured back to our mooring!

Carol & Ted are joined us again today, transport courtesy of their daughter & grandchildren, and are going to spend a few days with us, quite fitting as we took our first canal holiday with them about 27 years ago.

DSCF0332 This morning we did a few chores and then walked down to Shenton Station on the  Battlefield Line Railway which runs a steam train service between there & Shackerstone, from there we waalked on through Ambion Woods to Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre where we had a cuppa &  a snack.

525_anniv_strip_copy[1] Did you know it’s the 525th anniversary of the Battle of Bosworth when Henry Tudor stole the English crown from Richard III?

DSCF0339 This afternoon we cruised up to Sutton Wharf where we shared Spaghetti Bolognese for seven (our biggest guest list yet) and after tea Joy played games with Charley & Jake and later Carol & Ted walked back to the car with Lorraine & the kids, then back to the boat!


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