Up the Ashby, an afternoon with Hilly & Peter and an escape bid

Another early start, whatever next! A short run down to Marston Junction, where I almost made it through the bridge but started the turn too late and hit the kerb on the corner of the junction. By the number of chunks out of the stonework I wasn’t the first, but why does there always have to be an audience!!!



The Ashby is a lovely canal, very rural and no locks. This is the first canal we have entered from the ‘beginning’ going in through bridge number one and we had arranged to meet our friends Peter & Hilly at Bridge 35, would be ever make it before 2pm?


DSCF0308 About 1:30 Peter called and said they were about 15 minutes away OK says I we’re about 30 minutes away, in the end we arrived first, moored up at Bosworth Battlefield Moorings, took a walk down the footpath through King Richard’s field (his by virtue of the fact he was killed there)  to the road and who should drive up but our guests with Bobby their doggy. Hugs & greetings were exchanged and they were welcomed aboard, not bad going since they had been to their church first, near Nottingham, to play in the worship band.

DSCF0315 We had lots to catch up with over lunch as we don’t get to see them often. We took a mini-cruise up to Bosworth Wharf and back, well not quite as just as we were crossing Shenton Aqueduct Catty managed to jump ship and disappeared into the woods. No amount of chasing or calling would persuade her to return so we decided to stay put and sure enough she came back of her own accord… eventually!

We had to say goodbye to our friends and Hilly went off worried about Catty’s whereabouts so we had to file a report on the miscreant on their return home.


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