Up the Atherton flight with Richard & Penny

DSCF0297 Richard & Penny joined us today and we met them nearly at the bottom of the flight, they weren’t difficult locks and it wasn’t too busy either so we made steady progress, despite rain on and off, up as far as the Kings Head where we managed to squeeze onto their moorings and partake of some lunch and a couple of drinks (nice atmosphere & very reasonably priced).

After we were suitably refreshed we visited the nearby Co-op to restock with provisions and then completed the rest of the flight following nb Victoria Plum, a sort of Dutch barge style boat with a mobility scooter on the back deck, handled single-handed by an elderly gent whose Pièce de résistance was taking his boat into the lock with a remote control! Not to be outdone we let Richard take our boat into the last two locks before we said goodbye to them at the water point at the top.



After that we decided to press on and try to reach Marston Junction as it was only just gone 5pm and there were no more locks. We passed Hartshill Wharf and BW Yard with it’s clock tower.



Valley Cruises On the way we met a number of hire boats from Valley Cruises which looked very well turned out and indeed their tagline is Excellence Afloat  and as we passed their base it was clear that they took great care of the way the premises looks.



We pressed on through Nuneaton and here we are moored up for the night near Griff Lane Bridge on Gypsy Lane.


One thought on “Up the Atherton flight with Richard & Penny”

  1. We joined Chris & Joy at about midday on their lovely narrow boat and spent the afternoon with them. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and would love to join them again sometime.

    Many thanks for a great, relaxing afternoon which was both fun and interesting. We will definitely take you up on your offer to meet up again. Will you have remote control by then?

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