Preparing for the Atherstone 11

DSCF0287 We were on the move before 9am today (I know! Shock! Horror!) as the rain seemed to have subsided, some chance! It it alternated between drizzle and heavy rain all morning doing it’s worst just at the moment when I had decided to walk down the towpath to check out the mooring situation and had left Joy holding the boat on the centre rope until I returned.

DSCF0290 The journey itself was good passing through Fazeley Junction, the outskirts of Tamworth and Glascote Locks, where Steve Hudson boats are built, (proper boats eh Timmy?) On we went past Narrowcraft at Alvecote where they were firing up an old working boat’s engine, a Bolinder I think by the ‘hit & miss’ sound of it, but I stand to be corrected but then I didn’t get the name either. Then just a few yards further on the pair of coal boats, Clover & Fazeley, then at Grendon Dock Australia & Kangaroo, such excitement!

YouTube video – Not taken by us

Soon we were at Bradley Green Wharf where we disposed of our rubbish, filled up with water and got wet looking for a mooring! So here we are moored up for the night at 2:30pm. Good progress!

Tomorrow we look forward to being joined for the day by my nephew Richard & his wife Penny, shh! don’t tell them about the eleven Atherstone locks, we just told then there was a nice pub here The Kings Head.

Ooh yes! I lit the Squirrel (woodburner) so I’m now too hot and Joy has just acknowledged it’s working!


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