… and we’re off again

After a week at The Patch, Slimbridge, Wrens-Nest is on  the move again.

Joy has spent the mornings of the last week helping run a Holiday Club at Wotton Baptist Church, the club was called Rocky’s Plaice and was set around the theme of a fish & chip shop. Over a hundred children attended, and the week ended with a fish and chip lunch for the children, leaders, parents and grandparents.

Chris has been doing exciting stuff like writing letters and boat maintenance.

DSCF0067 We have had hundreds of visitors, OK well that’s a slight exaggeration but we counted about 47! Friday evening we celebrated with six friends and a bottle of champagne and today we had a mini cruise with two special couples,  one couple had just DSCF0078celebrated their golden wedding anniversary and the other couple celebrated their diamond anniversary this year.


Do spare a prayer for our friend Gary who was with us Friday, he had a stroke in the early hours of this morning and is now in hospital.

We are moored up tonight at Sandfield Bridge just before Saul Junction.


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