Irritations, Preparations & Goodbyes

Last Saturday we visited the Farmers’ Market at Deddington which was very good and we came home with organic carrots, a dough cake (haven’t seen one for years) and, from a second hand book shop in the church, a copy of one of the Grumpy Old Men books  which I have been dipping into over the last week, by Tuesday fiction had turned into fact.

At the risk of turning into a Victor Meldrew clone, I simply couldn’t believe it! I turned on the laptop Tuesday morning and my anti-virus program told me my subscription had expired. Excuse me, but I renewed it a month ago! So how does one contact CA, a multi-national company, the answer is of course “With Difficulty” Circumventing the 0845 numbers which cost a fortune from a mobile ( is great) I got through to Customer Service, in India of course, who said “Oh yes sir, your subscription has been cancelled and your payment has been refunded” Why!!! “I do not know sir, you should check with your bank” More phone calls to bank, “We know nothing” at least they were English, well Scouse at least! So another call to India and this operative tells me that they suspected that the transaction was fraudulent. Why??? “I do not know sir, but I can take payment for a new subscription.” Yeah Right! To cut a long story short CA lost a customer and I got a free anti-virus program from AVG but wasted the best part of half a day trying to sort it out.

The week has been spent doing last minute bits and pieces around the boat as I had a dentist’s appointment on Friday to have a post crown fitted and that was hassle as well hadn’t been back an hour when the temporary cap fell off and I had to go back to have it stuck back on.  Oh, I almost forgot, how could I? Scott from Wilsons of Kinver came and fitted our new cratch cover, so we can go cruising looking very smart.

IMG_0539In the evening we had a barbeque beside the boat with some of my ex-colleagues, friends from church and of course Bones & Maffi. Homemade ‘Morrocan’ lamb-burgers from us, homemade Beefburgers from Adrian, the chef at Kizzies, and Boerwurst (A traditional South African sausage) from Mike and Marlene, a Zimbabwean couple from church. We had a great time together and ended the evening sat around a the remains of the barbeque swapping silly stories and, oh yes, my tooth fell out again 😦

IMG_0555 Today our friends Helen & Derek drove up from Dursley with a custom made workbench for the boats back cabin. We dined at The Barley Mow and then boated up to Allen’s Lock. We met Mark, one of our guitarists from church, with his young family on the way and gave them a lift back up to Allen’s which delighted his two little girls.  We moored near the lock and loaded the workbench on to the boat and fitted it, it could have been made to measure, which of course it was 🙂 Thanks Derek!

IMG_0554Fear not the errant tooth was DIY glued back in with cement from the chemist. We will spend the night here and head off towards Banbury tomorrow, we even have TV tonight, satellite reception, what next!


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