Penelope's Pitstop

We completed the last leg of your journey today, the day started with an inspection of the boat by Bones who joined us for breakfast.

We set off into what soon became familiar territory, greeting friends and colleagues on the way, we had planned to stop for lunch at The Rock of Gibraltar but on approaching there this strange smell started, I sent Joy to make sure that she hadn’t left anything on the cooker, but that was OK so we decided that it must be something in the nearby industrial estate. We couldn’t moor up at The Rock but the smell was still with us, a glance at the temperature gauge revealed that NONE of the gauges were working!

So stopping at the earliest opportunity I lifted the deck board to find a VERY HOT smelling starter motor, of course stopping the engine was, on reflection, a mistake because it wouldn’t start again! Never fear, I had reconditioned a starter at work and we were only a few miles away, so a quick phone call to my friend Sam had the starter with us before I could down a pint at the pub, Mrs Stamatis provided us with Sunday lunch and by that time the engine had cooled down and I was able to fit the reconditioned starter and be on our way within half an hour.

We arrived back at Heyford Wharf about 6 o’clock, after a brief stop to show off our new acquisition to Barry & Sue on Esther, and spent a remarkably peaceful night moored opposite the station as there were few trains it being a Bank Holiday weekend.


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