and so to Abingdon

This morning we had a late start, we spent some time looking around Wallingford patronising the launderette and Circle 7, a fantastic hardware shop run by a Sikh gentleman with turban and whiskers befitting an Indian Army officer.

The late start was occasioned by the fact that we heard yesterday that Sandford lock was closed for emergency repairs and not due to open until Saturday, so there was no point in rushing. Signs at the locks had warned us that moorings at Abingdon were getting full but the kind lockie at Days Lock phoned his colleague at Abingdon who assured us that he could find us a berth, the journey up was unremarkable with the usual quota of millionaire’s waterside residences and a very pretty brick bridge at Clifton Hampden apart from running aground on a shoal just before Abingdon Bridge, in the end there were plenty of moorings available so we moored up opposite Abbey Meadows before bidding our farewells to Chrissy over a meal with Toni, her husband at the Broadface


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