I hardly dare to say…

… but we have finally exchanged contracts on our house, have a completion date and have found a boat we like! Joy marched into the local council offices last week, asked how much longer the local search would take and our buyer’s solicitor had it the next day. Good Girl!!!

The next step is getting the boat surveyed, which we planned to do in two stages 1) An in-water inspection and valuation, then if all was well, 2) An out-of-water survey. The K & A however is not overly blessed with dry-dock facilities, and the only dates available are May 13th, or the 20th, or June 10th. May 20th would be good because that’s the day we complete our house sale, but the surveyor is not available that day, so it looks like we’ll have to do it in one hit on the 13th and wait to purchase after the 20th if all goes well. Watch this space!

Meanwhile the packing and disposing of a lifetimes clutter goes on, but it’s exciting, frustrating and exhausting all at the same time!


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