Catching the Dream at Bulbourne

Do we all do crazy things for weird reasons sometimes… or is it just me?

Grand Junction Arms
Grand Junction Arms, Bulborne
Well yesterday morning I woke up with the word Bulbourne in my head, I knew it was canal related but had no idea if it was a place or a boat, or both. I pushed the thought aside and later while reading someone’s blog who was on the way to the Canal Cavalcade, there it was again, Bulbourne. I did some Googling and located it on the Grand Union and found the Tring canal festival nearby but thought, hey, it’s Bank Holiday Monday, I don’t want to be out on the roads and anyway we had people coming to view our house at 6pm.

This afternoon was my half day so Joy & I decided that if we didn’t go and find out what Bulbourne was like we’d never know! That took us until 3pm to decide so then we set off on a two hour drive, see what I mean… Crazy!

Anyway, we arrived at the Grand Junction Arms at about 5pm, quenched our thirsts and toddled off down towards the drydock, which was one of the few things I had found out was there. We were so glad we had made the effort as it’s a beautiful area, with the reservoir and lots of wildlife,

The heron guarding lock  41
The heron guarding lock 41
Joy pursued a camera-shy heron from lock to lock and finally got a shot, we passed the junction with the Wendover Arm and made it just past the Aylesbury Arm junction (where a pair of very protective swans had decided to build a nest right beside the towpath), as far as The White Lion, to find it closed, so we went to the Angler’s Rest instead for a restorative, then retraced our steps to Grand Junction Arms where we had a very good meal before returning home.

So what was that all about?

We did see a boat for sale… called Dream Capture!!!


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