Honeystreet on the K & A

After being at work this morning and doing some decorating this afternoon we felt in need of our regular ‘canal-fix’, so today we chose the Kennet & Avon again but this time back to my Moonraker roots in deepest Wiltshire, to Honeystreet infact. I’ve never been to this little corner of Wiltshire before, but often been just a few miles away in Pewsey.

Barge Inn, Honeystreet
Barge Inn, Honeystreet
We discovered the Barge Inn’s website, so we decided to go and see for ourselves.

This hostelry has been there as long as the canal has and it has a proper village pub feel about it. It seemed to do a good trade, with boaters, cyclists and campers from their own campsite keeping them busy even in early evening.

Their choice of music in the bar was remarkably eclectic ranging from electric folk to heavy rock to Gershwin… something for everyone! Live music Saturday evenings too.

The pub is tucked away down a little lane and it looks for all the world that you’re driving into a timber yard, but then you emerge, as if though a time warp to this little canalside community with the pub’s ancient looking outbuildings side by side with their camping site! The pub was apparently used in an episode of ‘Morse’ where they needed to recreate a 19th century scene.

We had intended to have a meal there and rang ask our good friends in Pewsey to come and join us but they were out shopping and instead they persuaded us to come and join them later for spag bog at their place.

Pewsey Wharf, The Waterfront Inn
Pewsey Wharf, The Waterfront Inn
We made our way over to them Via Pewsey Wharf and The Waterfront, then spent a convivial evening at their house instead. It was no surprise to find that none of us have got any more sensible in the 35 years or more that we’ve known each other! The time passed so quickly that before we knew it was getting on for 10pm and we had to get on our way home.


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