Gloucester Docks & Upton on Severn

dsc02338The weather forecast for today was good so we had decided to play hookey from church and go to the Boat Jumble at Gloucester Docks. The morning dawned somewhat less than promising, so we rose quite leisurely and fortified ourselves with bacon and eggs, (not quite included in the low GI diet!) and then drove to Gloucester.
By the time we reached the docks there was enough blue sky “to make a sailor a pair of trousers” as mother would have said and we parted with £3.50 each to get in, well we did manage to find a place to park for free out on the road and it did include admission to the Waterways Museum. We had not been to a Boat Jumble before so didn’t know what to expect, but there seemed to be more trade stalls than jumble, much like some car boot sales. We did manage to spend some money however; on a hole cutter set, a pair of ‘unbreakable’ reading glasses and some flip-up/clip-on sunglasses which Joy finds hard to find usually.

Victoria Basin
Victoria Basin
When we had spent our hard-earned we strolled around the museum which we hadn’t been to for quite some years. I was surprised that there weren’t more ‘canal’ exhibits but of course Gloucester was in fact an inland port. Before leaving the docks we bought ourselves lunch from Subway, a much healthier Veggie Delite option, which we consumed on one of the benches overlooking the Victoria Basin.

Upton Bridge & Visitor Moorings
Upton Bridge & Visitor Moorings
After lunch the weather had become glorious so we made our way up the A38 through Tewkesbury and on to Upton on Severn and had a mooch round the marina there and managed to get No 1 son some stainless steel bolts he needed from the chandlers there. We had hoped to have a nosey at the Starline narrowboat hire fleet as a friend of ours had hired from them last week, but their office was closed and not a boat in sight, which must mean that they are all out earning money, no bad thing in this economic climate, huh?

We then adjourned to the town and refreshed ourselves with a riverside drink of a shandy and an Old Rosie scrumpy at the Kings Head a lovely location with its own mooring on the river (noted for future use!)

Church Tower & Regal Garage
Church Tower & Regal Garage
Two buildings in Upton caught my eye, one was the solitary church tower topped with a cupola which is now the Heritage Centre, and secondly Regal Garage a 1930’s style garage, still in use for its original purpose (ok I’m just a sad old git!)

Just along the riverside from the pub we happened across a dress shop called Fair Exchange and stepped in as my nephew and his wife are celebrating their silver wedding (I can’t be that old, surely?) and something glamorous was required for Joy to wear to the celebratory casino evening (never been to one of those before!). Imaging our delight when she not only found a dress she liked but shoes and handbag as well, what are the chances of that in the first shop we visit?

With that achieved we made our way home and enjoyed pizza and Greek salad on our decking in the sunshine, just before it disappeared behind Stinchcombe Hill, what a great day out!

P.S. Oooh! Even more good news… “Our” boat, the one we’ve been attracted to since last July and contrary to what the broker told us last month, still seems to be for sale. It is no longer listed as “deposit placed” on the website and the price has been reduced a little, so it’s still there waiting for us.

We had another viewing of the house last week and our programme of marketing and presentation continues with the launch of our website and fitting a posh new radiator in the kitchen/dining room yesterday, so someone must buy it soon, they just won’t be able to resist! 🙂


One thought on “Gloucester Docks & Upton on Severn”

  1. Thanks for the pictures. My great-grandmother was born in Upton-upon-Severn in the early 19th century.

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