Bathampton – Kennet & Avon

Today’s canal fix saw us driving the 35 minute journey to Bath and investing 50p to cross the Bathampton Toll Bridge and visit The George for a pint and a bite of lunch.

A pint of Bombardier was forthcoming but madame’s request for cider was not fulfilled so easily as they only had chilled Strongbow; preferring not to drink the stuff cold or with artificial sweeteners added she had to settle for a Bulmer’s Pear Cider (sic) Whatever happened to the proper term Perry?

The Raft Cafe Boat
The Raft Cafe Boat
The place was fairly heaving with customers so our idea of a quick snack went out of the window, as there was an hour’s wait for food! We decided therefore that we would get something later after taking a stroll down the towpath. We needn’t have worried as just the other side of Bathampton Bridge we happened upon The Raft Cafe Boat a floating coffee shop on widebeam boat, excellent! A couple of paninis materialised in a few minutes, the best filter coffee I’ve had in ages (can’t stand that espresso stuff) and a hot chocolate made with soya milk to cater for Joy’s dairy intolerance. There were loads of yummy looking home made cakes and a well appointed loo too.
Inside the Raft Cafe Boat
Inside the Raft Cafe Boat

We resisted the temptation of the cakes and walked off the calories (well, if you can’t kid yourself…..) by walking down to Holcombe swing bridge and back. A nice selection of wide and narrowbeams along this stretch ranging from shiny broadbeams to a butty conversion, a converted lifeboat (I think) to a mahogany launch moored under a floating canvas ‘garage’ (should have taken a photo)

Finished by getting some shopping at Bath Morrisions (their ‘Best’ fizzy drinks are very good – no artificial additives) before returning home.


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